Those eclipse-viewing glasses you bought might be fake

Lena Tucker
August 3, 2017

NASA calls the upcoming total eclipse "one of nature's grandest spectacles".

In Indianapolis, the moon will cover 91.5-percent of the sun at the peak of the eclipse. In Polson, the eclipse will begin at 10:16 am and end at 12:52 p.m. with the maximum eclipse occurring at 11:31 am.

The American Astronomical Society reports that sky-watchers need to be mindful of the glasses that are now flooding the market since not all will protect human eyes from the effects of the celestial event. Looking at the eclipse directly is only safe for the short time that the sun is completely blocked.

Because the path travels across the United States in North America, this is expected to be the most viewed eclipse of all time. Those who attend can take part in arts and crafts projects or learn more about solar eclipses.

The last total solar eclipse seen in America occurred 99 years ago in 1918.

The good news is that these eclipse glasses are not particularly expensive.

Even glasses that claim to be ISO-certified might not be because some producers are going as far as to make fake labels, reports. Sunglasses, smoked glass, and a lot of other filters will still let unsafe radiation through to your eye. For those in the path of totality - a thin path only 70 miles wide stretching from OR to SC - the sun will be completely blocked by the moon for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

They're also reserving the top floor of the parking garage across the street as a place where people to gather to view the spectacular event. The company started planning for this eclipse about two years ago and hired around 60 additional workers. Other ideas for viewing the sun safely are to build a pinhole camera or reflect an image of the sun off a mirror in an envelope where you have cut a small hole in the envelope.

Fienberg is also concerned about fraudulent products made to look like the ones manufactured by reputable companies.

According to Dulsky, the Association is looking into holding a viewing event on Eclipse Day at the Northampton Township Municipal Park on Hatboro Road.

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