The New Final Fantasy XV Invincible Suits Look Terrifying

Nichole Vega
August 1, 2017

It also adds two new trophies / achievements.

The July update for Final Fantasy 15 is now available, giving players of Square Enix's role-playing game the ability to wear Magitek Exosuits that grant Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis temporary invincibility. All of this is in addition to the bug fixes that are standard fare for any update, of course.

This month's Final Fantasy XV update includes the Magitek Exosuits for the gang, a brand new quest, a new way to link attacks and the return of the Moogle Chocobo carnival.

The new Magitek Exosuits grant 30 minutes of invincibility per day for Noctis' and his group, helping them take on the unsafe creatures of Eos.

The new Cross Chain system allows heavy hits and defense breaks with additional chain links between you and the gang.

From now until late September, the city of Altissia will play host to a variety of mini-games all players can participate in, including Chocobo water races.

Save data from this version can not be used with save data from an old version.

It may have taken a full ten years for Final Fantasy XV to become a reality, but Square Enix sure is doing all it can to make fans feel like the wait was worth it.

Popping these bad boys on gives you a half hour of invincibility, and they can be used once a day.

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