Taylor Swift's Allegations Cost Me Everything: DJ David Mueller

Nick Sanchez
August 10, 2017

David Mueller, the former KYGO DJ who Swift claims grabbed her buttocks during a June 2013 concert meet-and-greet, took the stand on Tuesday to recount his version of events that led him and the singer to court.

TMZ reports, that Swift and her lawyer were in court on Tuesday for David Mueller's defamation against her and noted her countersuit is for only $1.

In response to Swift's lawsuit, which claims sexual assault, the former radio DJ host is accusing the 27-year-old singer of causing him to lose his dream job at 98.5 KYGO and ruining his reputation.

Mueller, a morning talk show host at the station, was sacked on June 4, two days after he met with Swift before a concert and allegedly stuck his hand under her dress and grabbed her buttocks.

In addition, Mueller couldn't say why he didn't tell a boss investigating the incident that his direct supervisor allegedly bragged about grabbing Swift that same night - something Mueller testified to earlier in the day.

Mueller sued Swift after her team told his bosses at a music station that he reached under her dress and touched her backside before a 2013 concert in Denver. Attorneys for Swift, one of the most powerful celebrities in the world, argued in opening statements that Mueller was using her notoriety and fame for his own gain.

The former radio host accused of groping Taylor Swift will remain on the stand Wednesday as the pop star's trial goes into its third day.

"If you look at that photo, his hand is not underneath her skirt", McFarland said during testimony.

The Denver trial follows a hard 12 months for the singer after a much-ridiculed 2016 summer fling with British actor Tom Hiddleston.

He is seeking financial damages from Swift, who countersued him for assault and battery.

Mueller later sued Swift, denying anything happened, and is seeking at least $3 million in damages. All are expected to testify during the trial.

Andrea broke down in tears as she recalled what Swift told her about her initial response to Mueller taking part in the photo op.

David Mueller, now 55, was sacked from his US$150,000 ($A190,000) a year job from radio station KYGO-FM over the popstar's allegations.

Baldridge's remarks had been made shortly after Mueller's attorney, Gabriel McFarland, made it clear neither he nor his client condoned any kind of inappropriate touching, declaring it's "offensive, it's wrong and should never be tolerated".

Baldridge also asked what possible reason Swift would have to make up an allegation. Baldridge asked, "Do you consider a sexual assault to be something that you would describe as silly?" Lady Gaga, who has spoken about being raped when younger, has also said nothing, as has Madonna.

Arthur Lewis, also 32 and a real estate agent, said he is "a big supporter of Taylor Swift and just wanted to check it out".

According to his suit, Mueller is accusing the singer of "intentional interference with contractual obligations" and "interference with prospective business relations" that led to lost wages.

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