Six unbelievable things you can see during the total solar eclipse

Lena Tucker
August 20, 2017

Certified solar glasses are a necessity to properly view the solar eclipse. According to the AAS, if the sun appears uncomfortably bright, out of focus or surrounded by a haze, the glasses are fake. If you see any scratches or damage, do not use them.

But what's the safest way for your eyes to view it?

"We're only going to see about a 70 percent eclipse, which means there will still be a third of the sun coming through, which can instantaneously cause one to be blind", eye surgeon Dr. Stewart Levine told WCBS 880's Sophia Hall. Hartwick College physics professors Kevin Schultz and Larry Nienart will speak to the crowd before the event, and children will be given supplies to craft cardboard pinhole projectors, a safe and indirect way to watch the eclipse, according to NASA.

If you stare at it anyway, you could do long-term damage to your eyes.

"Staring at the sun during full sunshine usually hurts your eyes and you look away", said Tenhundfeld.

For more eclipse information - from pop culture to an understanding of how ancient peoples understood the solar eclipse, the newest lunar and solar satellites and science, multicultural folk tales and literature - enjoy several interactive displays throughout the day. Us lucky Oklahomans just happen to be in the path that gets to view this one (85% eclipse), which will take place after 11 a.m., with the best part around 1 p.m. Here in Moscow, totality hovers near the 94 percent mark.

"I'm excited that this is a once in a lifetime thing", said Cox. Get specific times here.

Never look at eclipse through an unfiltered camera, binoculars, a telescope or other device, even when wearing eclipse glasses. First and foremost, there are a few different types of eclipses that we should explain.

While Alyssa Jenkins has had to endure the lighthearted teasing of her co-workers, she plans to take a vacation day and watch the eclipse with her family over a barbecue. Luckily she came across a pair on Thursday while attending a dinner.

Some headlines would have you believe that the Great American Eclipse is the precursor to a Nibiru apocalypse.

"I'm 85 and I've only seen four or five", he said.

"A question I've been asked is, 'Can I chase the eclipse?' And the answer is definitely not".

If you want to see the eclipse without the risk of eye damage, use specially designed solar glasses, viewers and lens filters to block the sun's harmful rays, eye experts said.

What exactly is a solar eclipse?

"If the wind is blowing, your body probably exaggerates, by evaporate cooling, how large the actual temperature swing actually is".

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