Pakistan to suffer slow internet after cable fault

Jonathan Hernandez
August 8, 2017

Internet services in Pakistan have been restored after being affected for nearly two days due to damage to the underwater submarine cable, said Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited's Imran Janjua on Sunday.

Internet services in Pakistan were disrupted as a result of a fault in the India-Middle East-Western Europe submarine cable.

Work is still under way to fix the CMV 4, Janjua said.

During the temporary fault that occurred early on Saturday near Jeddah Saudi Arabia, PTCL had taken necessary measures by arranging additional bandwidth through its other cable systems and worldwide cable business partners to minimize the impact on customers.

He said that PTCL had invested in four worldwide cable systems (SMW-3, SMW-4, IMEWE and AAE-1).

"Outage in worldwide submarine cable systems providing internet bandwidth to Pakistan, IMEWE. Things will start getting better", the company posted on Twitter late Saturday. The problem was escalated owing to lack of backup as the other global cable system, SEA-ME-WE 4 was already under fix by the worldwide consortium which led to the more serious situation.

Due to error in the global cable system near Jeddah, going from India to France, internet service across country has become disrupted.

TWA and Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) are the only two companies with landing rights in Pakistan for internet and voice data traffic.

Among the cancelled flights were Dubai-bound PA210, Manchester-bound 701, Madina-bound NL705 and Karachi-bound PA201, according to flight inquiry.

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