New Overwatch animated short tells the story of ice queen Mei

Nichole Vega
August 24, 2017

Just a bit ago, the publisher released a second animated short, this time for Overwatch's Mei. Dr. Oparra orders the team to hibernate until help and rations arrive and Mei will have new data to look over. This particular animation focuses on Mei, the Chinese weather scientist who awakes from a cryogenic slumber after nine years with the rest of her team dead. Ecopoint in Antarctica, where she was stationed, was just one of many eco-Watchpoints established by Overwatch to discover the cause of such drastic environmental changes. To add to the already heavy news, the team at Ecopoint Antartica have passed away due to malfunctions during hibernation. Her story page on the official site doesn't give too many details on her origin, other than she was the sole survivor of Ecopoint Antarctica, and she was determined to find out what was happening with the Earth's insane changing weather patterns. Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong, and Mei finds herself alone on her Arctic outpost nine years after first going into cryo-sleep.

Knowing Blizzard, there are a few easter eggs in there as hints towards possible additions to the game, as well as the overall lore of Overwatch. This actually came with a unique video that many initially thought was the animated short, but it was revealed that this was simply a teaser. Did it pull on your heart strings?

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