'Game of Thrones' Facebook filter crowns you the Night King

Nick Sanchez
August 27, 2017

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6, "Beyond the Wall." .

So before Sunday's season-seven finale, here are the ways we think the White Walkers might finally make their way into Westeros, from the most plausible methods to the least.

Sounds legit, right? Now, while that's a strong theory and definitely fills in some implausible gaps in the narrative, it still doesn't offer solid proof of the Night King's sinister plan. So the Night King shares some, if not all, of Bran's powers.

More evidence that suggests the spot where the Night King killed Viserion wasn't mere coincidence - as a Greenseer, he'd have been able to foresee both the dragons coming and the spot with the chains and the ice lake (so Viserion would be submerged and unable to be burned by Jon Snow and company) as the ideal confluence of factors in procuring an ice dragon. We are going off the idea that the first White Walker is the Night King (until the series tells us differently).

"Bran believes he is eventually (with more knowledge) going to be able to rewrite history and that's why he decides to go back and stop the Night king several times, but fails every time, ending up fulfilling the timeline-circle and taking the identity of the Night king himself", writes Turm0il26. Once he makes it over, that might eliminate the magic that has kept the dead from passing through, allowing the wights to climb it like the wildlings, sail around on the sea, or march through a tunnel or hole.

We don't know exactly who or what the Night King is. Now one of the highly popular theories rotating, which is creating the suspense heat, is Brandon Stark the Night King?

The second version of this theory is much different, and involves Bran's actions in the future, rather than the past.

Warning: Getting this effect to work was about as easy as explaining where the White Walkers came up with those giant chains last week just when they needed them. If the life of an individual White Walker determines the existence of individual wights, might the life of the Night King determine the existence of White Walkers?

So is the Night King simply a powerful Greenseer that was turned to the side of the White Walkers by the Children? A big loss for the #TeamDaenerys and especially a big asset for the Night King that revived the dragon.

The strength of the army of the dead comes from their massive numbers and lack of fear.

The question of why is pretty obvious on the surface: he wanted a dragon. So how do you defeat such an enormous, terrifying force?

The season finale of the penultimate season of "Game of Thrones" will air same time as the United States, at 11am Monday AEST on Showcase.

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