First PS4 5.0 System Update Details Revealed; Here's What it Does

Nichole Vega
August 10, 2017

The upgrades to streaming from the console is the main highlight of the update, according to an early copy of the release notes obtained by Eurogamer.

PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0 isn't out the wild yet but information on it has been come out ahead of time.

Twitch Streaming will now run at 1080p 60fps for those running the 5.0 beta update on PS4 Pro. Currently, the console allows for Shareplay and Remote Play in 1080p.

For instance now, instead of simply following well-known streamers or developers or YouTube personalities on their own Playstation accounts, a similar system to the Xbox One is being put in place where you can follow anyone that you want to. Now you can do this just for verified accounts of note, such as the official accounts for games, and some individual developers and YouTubers. According to Sony, this is just part of a series of changes to let players share content across the platform, specifically, to "encourage more sharing of content and more interactions".

The plus for developers is that this change is supposed to allow content to be seen and shared by more users.

You will be able to choose if you only want existing friends or anybody to follow you. There will be settings to prevent non-friends from following you, and users can be blocked as well. Family accounts will be able to list multiple adults as well as "sub" accounts for kids.

There will be a new web application to manage family accounts, and access parental controls/family membership options from your PC and smartphone. Accounts belonging to other PS4s can be sent to these adult accounts so that everyone is collected under the same family account, if desired.

System notifications will now be surfaced via the Quick Menu, so you don't need to head back to your home screen to see them. You will also be able to check the status of your uploads/downloads here too.

Expect 5.00 sometime in the near future alongside an overhauled PlayStation App that isn't quite as useless as it now is.

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