Family of boy encouraged to kill self 'haunted'

Katrina Barker
August 4, 2017

In a letter to Moniz, Carter's father, David Carter, pleaded with the judge for leniency and asked for her to be sentenced to probation and "continued counseling", the Herald reported.

After Roy was found dead on July 13, 2014, Carter texted his mother and sister to offer support, without mentioning the weeks of text messages in which she had advised Roy on how to kill himself and urged him to follow through. But Carter had sent Roy scores of texts encouraging him to kill himself.

The request of Roy's aunt for sentencing Carter for 20 years will be heard by the judge on Thursday.

Carter, who was 17 years old at the time of his death, is due to return to a juvenile court in Taunton, south of Boston this morning for a sentencing hearing scheduled at 4am AEST. She didn't cause Roy to arrive at the parking lot that night, and Carter wasn't responsible for his plan to initially fill his truck with deadly fumes.

Carter's jury-waived trial shone a bright light on a dark intersection where social media, the teenage mind and homicide met. "It's always gonna be that way if you don't take action".

The teen's lawyers argued she suffered from mental illness at the time.

"This court has found that Carter's actions and failure to act where it was her self-created duty to Roy since she put him in that toxic environment constituted reckless conduct", the judge said.

"How could Michelle Carter behave so viciously and encourage my son to end his life?" he asked.

Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in June for relentlessly encouraging Roy's 2014 suicide via phone, text messages, and online chat.

The infamous exoneree published an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times saying "Michelle Carter deserves sympathy and help, not prison", just a few hours after Carter was sentenced. If the verdict is allowed to stand, it will "chill important and worthwhile end-of-life discussions", said Matthew Segal, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of MA.

"The fact that [Carter is] still at that young age offers a greater promise of rehabilitation", Moniz said prior to issuing the sentence Thursday.

He said the best solution would be for the MA legislature to create a law that would criminalize coerced suicide in the state.

"If I were the judge, that would be something that I would be thinking about", Bloom said. The verdict was the first of its kind in the state, and legal experts said it is likely to be appealed. The verdict was surprising for another reason: No firm evidence was presented in court to prove what Carter had actually said to Roy in those final moments. ".Well in my opinion, I think u should do the generator because I don't know much about the pump and with a generator u can't fail", Carter wrote to Roy, just days before he took his own life.

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