Consumers Reports Pulls Microsoft Laptop Recommendation

Nichole Vega
August 11, 2017

YONKERS, N.Y. (Consumer Reports) Consumer Reports is removing its "recommended" designation from four Microsoft laptops and can not recommend any other Microsoft laptops or tablets because of poor predicted reliability in comparison with most other brands. Said subscribers - from a total of 90,741 surveyed between 2014 and early this year - have reported issues during device startup as well as freezing and random shutdown problems.

In this case, Consumer Reports said the estimated breakage rate for Microsoft's products was higher than most other brands'. Urban Armor Gear has just announced a new case for the latest in Microsoft Surface devices.

Microsoft disagrees with the report, saying in a statement "real-world return and support rates differ significantly from Consumer Reports' breakage predictability". Regarding the recommendation, Microsoft does not agree with Consumer Reports, stating that consumers provided different and positive experiences after purchasing the product.

However, "c$3 onsumers tell us that reliability is a major factor when they're choosing a tablet or laptop", according to Consumer Reports survey manager Simon Slater.

If you're shopping for a top rated laptop for college this year you might want to reconsider your purchase of a Microsoft's laptop. Why?

The Surface devices, a category that Microsoft created as the software giant entered the hardware market in 2012, are two-in-one products with a tablet and removable keyboard. Consumer Reports (CR) has traditionally been part of that fan club, giving various devices a place on its recommendations list.

The testing process involves those individuals living with the products for several weeks, putting them through a string of tests using scientific measurements, as well as subjective tests that mimic the user experience.

Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of almost 91,000 people who bought new laptops and tablets between 2014 and the beginning of 2017.

Apple was found to have the most reliable devices.

Microsoft launched its first Surface tablet in 2012.

Microsoft is new to the hardware business and has generally been met with favorable reviews of its laptops from consumers and pundits in the industry.

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