Australia: Teen suffers bloody attack by 'flesh-eating' sea lice

Lena Tucker
August 8, 2017

Sam Kanizay, 16, pulled up sore after playing football on Saturday and made a decision to soak his legs at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton. "I suspect the reason why the wounds were so intense was because he was standing still for so long and his legs went numb".

A Melbourne teen was attacked by sea creatures while waist deep at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton.

Mr Kanizay said by the time Sam returned to his shoes, his legs were covered in blood.

Australian doctors, accustomed to the fact that the inhabitants of their country periodically bitten by a poisonous snake, spider, and even jellyfish have been surprised by the stripes on the legs of a teenager from Melbourne.

Jarrod posted a video of what he says are the culprits - sea lice.

"It sort of looked like hundreds of little pinholes or pin-sized bites distributed all over my ankle and the top of my foot", he said.

Sam Kanizay came out of the water to discover tiny creatures devouring his legs, which were covered in tiny pink bites.

Sea lice feed on Atlantic salmon.

Poore added that id sea lice were the cause of Sam Kanizay's injuries, it was a "pretty dramatic example" of an attack by the minuscule flesh-eating sea creatures. A pool of blood was formed on the floor at the hospital when his legs were wiped.

Armed with a fishing net and a slab of fresh meat the following night, he headed back the beach and captured hundreds of the creatures he believes were responsible.

"I didn't really know what to think of it, it was a bit of a shock".

"My dad gave me this amusing stare and I gave him a stare because we both just had no clue what was going on", Sam said.

Cooling down after a footy match, teenager Sam Kanizay was soaking in waist-deep water at a Melbourne beach on Saturday evening when he began to feel what he thought were pins and needles in his legs.

Associate Professor Reina said sea fleas should not alarm people or deter them from swimming. In truly not-ok news, Jarrod said staff also conducted a biopsy "to make sure there are no critters living inside".

"No one knows what the creatures are".

Mr Kanizay took a video of dozens of the tiny bug-like creatures chomping on the chunks of meat.

"What we found is they were very attracted to red meat, they went straight for it".

"I wonder if it was just that night, just that spot, at that particular time", Mr Murray said.

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