Toyota electric vehicle to use solid-state battery, arrive in 2022

Lena Tucker
July 26, 2017

The Chunichi Shimbun reported that Toyota's battery will be able to charge in a few minutes and have a long range, but the article did not list specifics.

Solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes rather than liquid ones, making them safer than lithium-ion batteries now on the market.

An upcoming electric vehicle from Toyota will feature a new type of battery that charges faster and significantly increases driving range. The benefit is that solid-state batteries are less prone to overheating or fire, and they're also much denser, meaning more capacity. The newspaper reports that other automakers are also developing solid-state batteries for next-generation electric cars.

A Toyota spokesperson told Reuters the company is aiming to commercialize the new batteries by the early 2020s.

Toyota is currently the largest auto manufacturer on the planet, but until now, it hasn't shown much interest in developing electric vehicles. While these seem very promising, the vehicle manufacturer is still planning to produce EVs with existing design and battery technology in 2019 for the Chinese market.

A new type of battery being developed by Toyota might just be the solution to those problems. In both companies' cases, the road to commercialization is expected to be long, but it is viewed as the next major evolutionary step in energy storage, one that could effectively make lithium-ion batteries (and exploding smartphones) obsolete.

So despite the world thinking Toyota weren't interested in EVs, they were busy beavering away on the batter technology.

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