McConnell postpones GOP health care debate while McCain recovers from surgery

Brandon Parsons
July 17, 2017

"It slashes Medicaid, which has become something that helps middle class New Yorkers and millions of Americans".

Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate, told ABC's This Week on Sunday that there are "eight to 10" Republican members with "deep concerns". But McCain isn't the problem in this case.

"That is not a Republican idea, to give taxpayer money to a private industry", Paul, a doctor, said about the bill's so-called "temporary stabilization fund" that is now at about $200 billion.

McConnell rejiggered the legislation in an effort to convince more of his GOP colleagues to get on board. Ted Cruz has advocated to allow insurers to offer insurance plans that don't meet the standards of Obamacare if they also sell policies that comply with the law. That move was aimed at placating conservatives. John McCain will be home in Arizona this week recovering after a Friday surgery to remove a blood clot from his left eye, according to the New York Times Saturday.

They also want to reduce the ways people can jump into the market when they're sick and out when they're healthy.

Collins' comments came after Vice President Mike Pence pledged the bill, which among other things would eliminate enhanced funding for Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, would ultimately strengthen Medicaid. Mitch McConnell had hoped to have the legislation voted on this week. A vote was tabled last month due to lack of support.

Now opponents of the bill will have more time to organize and rally voters against the controversial legislation that has already been criticized by governors of both parties. The Buffalo bribe appeared in the Senate healthcare bill, known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which would make the bill easier to pass in the House if the Senate passes it.

McCain, 80, said he'd stay in Arizona this week recovering from the surgery.

McConnell said that in McCain's absence the Senate would continue its work on other legislative matters and nominations by President Donald Trump to fill various positions throughout federal agencies.

The five-centimeter blood clot was removed and the surgery went "very well", the hospital said. His health was questioned after he asked former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey a series of freakish questions during a hearing last month.

But McCain and his doctors have not revealed the cause.

"There are few people tougher than my friend John McCain, and I know he'll be back with us soon", McConnell said.

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