Amazon to come up with 'Anytime' messaging app

Lena Tucker
July 17, 2017

Amazon wants a piece of the action and is working on own stand-alone messaging app called 'Anytime'. The claim comes from AFTV News, which got its hands on slides that describe the proposed service, now called "Anytime", that are being used by the company to survey customers on which features they find most important in a messaging app.

Of course it will have the usual messaging, video and voice calls, which are standards for any messaging app. It also has the ability to keep chats private and encrypt important information like bank account details.

Amazon has also confirmed that you will only need your name, and not your phone number for this chat service. Or, at least, Amazon seems to think so, so it's putting out a messaging app that will corral all your other messaging apps so you can communicate with your friends all in one place.

Conversations can be colour coded to help differentiate them, and you will be able to send photos and videos, with filters applied, and even play games within chat threads.

The report also talked about a music option that would let users listen to music on the app.

Still, it remains a question what Anytime will look like, how it'll function, and most importantly, how it'll differ from other messaging platforms.

Messenger apps, be it text or multimedia, have become the main form of telecommunication medium for people to exchange pleasantries and even conduct business transactions. Amazon is also pushing its Alexa digital assistants on smartphones, and the HTC U11 was the latest one to get the Alexa. Apps like Telegram and WhatsApp have toyed around with this particular idea, so it's no surprise that Amazon will take it up as well. This year it revealed Chime, which is a conference-oriented communication app for businesses. Hence, to be able to compete in the tough market, Amazon must introduce all the advertised features at the launch event.

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