Sean Spicer angrily confronted by CNN reporter during tense off-camera press briefing

Randall Padilla
June 27, 2017

Despite the administration's unusual and increasing opacity, the reaction from reporters has been relatively muted.

Acosta last week raised objections to the restriction of cameras and recording equipment from briefings, and accused the White House of "stonewalling" and the "suppression of information".

There are signs, however, that reporters may be gradually finding their backbones.

Such negotiations didn't make any considerable effect on the current scenario and for the third time in a week, an off-camera press briefing took place in White House on 23rd June.

The daily press briefings have not been called off entirely, as Trump once threatened, but the media's ability to pummel the president's spokesman with unflattering questions has been diminished.

CNN's Jim Acosta is hopping mad.

At four media briefings over the past two weeks, reporters asked the White House press secretary or his deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, about a remark the president made over lunch with Republican senators, whom Trump said he expected to improve the health plan.

"Maybe we should turn the cameras on, Sean", Acosta said.

The press secretary ignored Mr Acosta's shouts.

"It is a legitimate question", April Ryan chimed in. "Can we address the cameras issue?"

Acosta said in an interview later that reporters have to start pushing back against the erosion of access.

"We'll see", he said. "[I'm] not going to stop". Can you tell us why you turn the cameras off? Spicer then apologized to the reporter Acosta was interrupting.

What makes anyone think that this White House will respect or pay attention to anything that the White House Correspondents Association has to say?

However, the president of White House Correspondent's Association, Jeff Mason was in favor of negotiating so that the government officials can face questions from the press regarding all matters related to the US. But when he looked for his seat, his placard that had been placed in the White House front row of the press section earlier in the afternoon appeared to be missing and some of CNN's equipment had been moved. "It's certainly not in my control", he said.

In the minute that followed, Spicer never answered the question. Once it was over, several news outlets aired the briefing in its entirety.

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