Russian mobsters trafficked 10000 pounds of chocolate

Jackie Newman
June 9, 2017

Almost three-dozen organized crime members were busted by federal authorities in Manhattan Wednesday for an odd mishmash of crimes - trafficking 5 tons of stolen chocolate as well as hordes of illegal cigarettes. According to the Department, while many of these crews were based in New York City, the Shulaya Enterprise had operations in various locations throughout the United States, including in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada and overseas.

More than 30 alleged gang members-at least one of whom may be guilty of having an extraordinary sweet tooth-have been arrested on charges including the theft of 10,000 pounds of chocolate confections.

He added that the "dizzying array of criminal schemes" committed by this organised crime syndicate allegedly include murder-for-hire, a plot to rob victims by seducing and drugging them with chloroform, the theft of cargo shipments containing over 10,000 pounds of chocolate, and a fraud on casino slot machines using electronic hacking devices.

The racketeering charges are considered to be one of the first of a federal nature to be brought against a vor.

"The suspects in this case cast a wide net of criminal activity, aiming to make as much money as possible", FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney said.

The individuals who have been arrested are allegedly members of a nationwide scheme led by Razhden Shulaya and Zurab Dzhanashvili, the leaders of the so-called 'Shulaya Enterprise'.

Members of the Shulaya Enterprise, as the crime syndicate is called, are also charged with selling untaxed cigarettes, scheming to bribe local law enforcement officials, and operating illegal poker businesses.

When people hear about Russian organized crime, they picture a stereotypical Russian thug, said Galeotti, the Russian crime expert. According to the document, Nikoloz Jikia, 26, and Bakai Marat-Uulu, 25, both of Brooklyn, sold a revolver to an informant identified as CS-1.

The 27 defendants charged with racketeering each face penalties of up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 fines.

Numerous crimes the suspects are being charged with are expected to be tried for maximum sentences, according to court documents.

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