Nintendo finally explains why the Switch's online services were delayed

Nichole Vega
June 17, 2017

Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime broke that silence somewhat in an interview with IGN in which he spoke about the present and future of Virtual Console. Nintendo then announced that that its availability was going to be pushed back to 2018. Nintendo has still not confirmed when, or if, their digital retro games service will make the transition to the Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, Fils-Aime also stated that Nintendo isn't interested in promoting the Nintendo Switch as any sort of replacement or upgrade from the 3DS.

The game will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

This third-party headset from Hori recently got us talking about how cumbersome Switch voice chat, which requires a mobile app, may be.

Fair enough. Just like the "extra stock of NES Classics" and "we aren't discontinuing the Wii U" claims (which weren't necessarily from Reggie, but Nintendo heads in general), it's a wait and see kind of game. The Wii U sold briskly after its November 2012 launch, but a lacklustre rollout of titles over the coming months saw sales plummet. Nintendo has clearly learned its lessons from the Wii U by scheduling a big game on the Switch nearly every single month until the end of the year, but imagine if all the developers making games for the 3DS were making Switch games instead?

However many are now speculating the game to be instead in the vein of Pokemon XD, which was a standalone console RPG, different from the handheld titles of the time.

Another problem on the Nintendo Switch is the absence of file management and backing up data. Will they have to pay to play games online?

Fortunately, Nintendo is looking to make their upcoming lineup for 2017 a bit more clear. It needed to be the definitive version of that software for the consumer to be as excited as they are.

We're aware of requests around cloud saves or file management, we're certainly aware of all the requests for legacy content, we're aware of consumers asking for ways to have multiple devices linked to one particular account, we're aware of all of those.

Details on Metroid Prime 4 are scarce at the minute, but we do know that Retro Studios, who worked on the previous three games in the series, will not be handling development.

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