Microsoft Wants To Bring Xbox Emulation Onto The PC

Nichole Vega
June 26, 2017

The PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro would seem to match up nicely with the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. Microsoft apparently doesn't feel that way at all, and in a recent interview, Xbox head Phil Spencer made it clear that be believes the Xbox One X has no competitor at all.

The prospect of official emulation of original Xbox games on PC looks like it could be a realistic one.

Indeed. Much of the money that any platform holder makes is from software sales (that's why console games are more expensive than their counterparts on PC), and with Xbox One X this will be no different.

Facebook/xboxA promo image of the Xbox One X, previously called Project Scorpio, as a cover photo on the Microsoft game console's official Facebook page. "We had 42 games, 22 of them with console exclusivity that I could put on-stage that all are games where you could see the dates for them and when they're coming", Spencer said.

The Xbox Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox One will drop later this year - but it will NOT be as extensive as Xbox 360 backwards compatibility lineup. Recently Corporate Vice President at Xbox, Mike Ybarra talked a little about the upcoming features and updates planned for the Xbox One X in his tweets.

Over time, as the cost of making the console goes down, Microsoft's profit margin on each console sold will rise. How does "The World's Most Powerful Console", according to Microsoft, compare to the PlayStation 4 Pro?

The Xbox One X is powered by a six-teraflop Polaris GPU which is 1.4 times better compared to its rival, Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro. "The team doesn't love it when I pre-announce things, but I definitely want to bring Game Pass to PC".

At that price, the Xbox One X does not come with any accessories or any games.

On June 11 Microsoft revealed in E3 2017 that Xbox One X will cost $499 Dollars. That's £100 more than Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro which was released a year ago.

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