Google can now help you find a job in your area

Nichole Vega
June 24, 2017

Looking for new jobs can be hard.

Google helps you find work.

So if you decide to find your next gig on Google, you'll have a streamlined place to search and AI technology on your side.

The new feature, now available only in English, uses the same simple language Google searches are known for. The results will aim to streamline such listings by eliminating duplicate jobs posted on different sites. These filters will help narrow down your search results by category, type, title and the date the job was posted. From there it's easy to refine your search to find something far more specific to your needs.

The new AI-powered job search feature also displays employee ratings from sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, so you can read reviews about a particular employer before you apply for a job there.

Google seems to have done its homework. Job seekers can look into different sites and decide on their pick.

As promised during its annual developer conference earlier this month, Google launched its search engine for jobs yesterday. I mean, it lists everything by combining search results from all the job search websites and job openings posted to company websites. For some jobs, the search results will also include pertinent information such as the estimated commute time from users' home addresses.

However, "our experience shows clearly that search is useful only if it has all the jobs", said Paul D'Arcy, senior vice president at Indeed.

To help organizations adapt to its latest integration, Google posted an instruction manual for organizations in the blog post announcing the project. This allows people to see and analyze a large variety of jobs.

The initiative is "focused on helping both job seekers and employers", as per a blogpost. Google says more filters will be added in the future. The goal of the initiative was to use the search giant's skills at organizing information to make finding jobs easier. Firstly, it will be placing all related job openings under one umbrella. "Yes, as with anything, there will be some challenges and adjustments to existing job posting sites; the biggest perhaps being for those that are now driven by SEO". Currently, this service is available only in the US. Although Google plans on expanding this feature to other areas, they haven't announced on when this would actually happen.

However, the most interesting aspect of this new job search engine from Google is that it will act as an aggregator of job listings, rather than having their own listings.

Let's face it, to every query there is only one answer: Google it!

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