Ed Sheeran, James Corden sing 'Shape of You' in new Carpool Karaoke

Nick Sanchez
June 7, 2017

Ed Sheeran took his turn in the passenger seat of James Corden's Range Rover for Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show Tuesday.

"I actually don't have a phone anymore", the United Kingdom native confessed.

Sheeran's underdog persona at first appears at odds with his sex-god lyrics, but it tends to come with a faint tinge of leering: He is so sad, so lonely, and so underappreciated; wouldn't it be wonderful if some nice girl would comfort him? Instead of hitting the ball, Sheeran hit JB's face instead but, what all would you expect from a drunk man? We ended up at this golf course, he put a golf ball in his mouth and said, "Go on, hit it out".

Now, on to the best part, Sheeran proceeded to recount a certain tale of a drunken adventure with Justin Bieber that he had in Tokyo.

Other songs performed included "SING" and acoustic performances of 'Will Your Mouth Still Remember the Taste of my Love?', Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself, ' and One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'. "I had this driving wedge and I [teed up] and I cracked him across the face!"

In fact, at one point, the carpoolers even remixed the ginger singer's hit Castle on the Hill.

He told James Corden during his Carpool Karaoke: '[Justin was] actually really cool about it, surprisingly'.

"There is a snack in Britain called Malteasers (chocolates)", Corden said, "I heard you can fit 47 in your mouth".

The artist explained that he didn't see what would be amusing about being in a vehicle singing his songs, but once he pulled out his guitar he admitted he felt much more comfortable. It's just what it would have been like 30 years ago for our parents'.

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