'World's heaviest woman' leaves hospital after shedding 323kg

Brandon Parsons
May 6, 2017

The doctor also said that Saimma is creating a scene because she does not want to take her sister back to Egypt due to financial reasons.

But she couldn't hold back a final tirade against the hospital management, saying she had requested that the media not be allowed to come close to Ms. Ahmed as she left the hospital.

Doctors from Abu Dhabi, where Ms Ahmed was flown to, were present for her release from Saifee Hospital.

An Egyptian believed to have been the world's heaviest woman before her surgery was hospitalized in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, May 4, to continue treatment after a drastic weight-loss operation in India.

Eman (36), who was accompanied by her sister Shaimaa Salem, would be shifted to VPS Burjeel Hospital for further treatment.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, who once weighed 1,102 pounds, had laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery in March at Saifee Hospital in Mumabi.

37-year-old Eman Ahmed. Image credit: TOI via Times of India. Doctors said her thyroid levels are controlled, her kidney and liver tests are as good as any of us, her lung functions and oxygen levels are normal without any need of external oxygen.

That did not disappoint Dr Lakdawala's care towards Eman, he continued to give his service doing what's best for his patient.

Shaima had earlier accused surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala of not carrying the treatment properly, alleging heavy dose of medecines leading to ill effects on "brain activity". There was some criticism on behalf of her sister, Shaimaa, who claimed she was not receiving proper treatment.

Abd El Aty was put on a special liquid diet in India to reduce her weight enough so that doctors could perform bariatric surgery.

With her weight standing at 176.6 kilograms, Abdel-Ati will now begin a year-long course of physiotherapy at VPS Burjeel hospital in Abu Dhabi, her doctors in Mumbai said.

Abd El Aty's family could not be reached for comment by Reuters after news of her transfer broke.

According to her doctor, the only cause for the delays was signing the appropriate paperwork, to which the health minister argued that the government needs to prepare and standardize protocols to handle people with similar cases of morbid obesity. Ahmed had not been able to step out of her house in over 20 years until she was taken out for treatment, forced by a stroke that left her partially paralyzed.

They had arranged for an Italian-made hydraulic stretcher that assisted her in her journey, as well as paramedics, nurses and doctors.

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