White House expects Senate to change healthcare bill, but retain principles

Jackie Newman
May 8, 2017

In addition, Sen. Rob Portman of OH has said that he would not support the AHCA in its current form. "A lot of us are here because we promised this vote". "To my moderate Republican colleagues in the House, I ask: "Why would you risk a yes vote for a bill that is devastating to your constituents and has a miniscule chance, probably no chance, of becoming law?" If it doesn't, he said, "We can always vote "no" when it comes back" to the House.

President Donald Trump, accompanied by House GOP members, speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Thursday, May 4, 2017, after the House pushed through a health care bill.

Among other things, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday the chamber will first await the CBO analysis before proceeding.

"You will glow in the dark on this one", House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi dramatically warned, predicting Republicans will be radioactive with voters in the 2018 midterm elections. We put 217 votes on the board and it took weeks and weeks to do it because everybody's got good ideas. They did it the other day.

If you were looking for quick action, look elsewhere. The Republican who used to be considered an impressive wonk was, in essence, imploring members not to rationally think through the legislation they were about to pass. If health care becomes a commodity for the luckiest among us, the deaths will dwarf those our nation endured on 9/11. "I guess they're just happy they finally passed something that wasn't a kidney stone". Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana just told the New York Times: "There's a widespread recognition that the federal government, Congress, has created the right for every American to have health care". "Obamacare didn't achieve that".

Democrats will negotiate only "if this is about improvements, repairs, reforms, advances" to Obamacare, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, the party's vice presidential candidate in 2016, told CNN on Friday.

"The new bill would cut taxes for the wealthy up to $883 billion", Colbert said during his almost ten-minute monologue.

Mr. Alexander, whose Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will have a major role in drafting the Senate version, is beginning to lay out his objectives for the eventual measure. The American people know that. Illustrative of the deep divide over Obamacare in every section of American society, Indian-Americans lawmakers, all Democrats, voted against its repeal, maintaining that the new legislation passed by the House would kick 24 million Americans off healthcare.

JANSING: So, [Sen. Paul Ryan (R-KY) is] "hopeful we can make it better in the Senate".

An earlier version of the Republican plan collapsed in March when party moderates and conservatives failed to get on board - dealing Trump one of the most stinging setbacks since he took office.

But Nick Vailas, CEO of the Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center, said the President Trump-backed bill is a "great step in the right direction" though it needs more work to help lower costs by bringing greater transparency to the actual cost of care. Maher said, in effect, that they were telling Jimmy Kimmel's baby to "go screw yourself".

The House bill is so flawed and insufficient that the Senate has already set to work drafting something entirely different. Cassidy, who presented his legislation to the Freedom Caucus. The House measure included an $800 billion-plus cut to Medicaid.

In order to avoid a Democratic filibuster, the GOP has been using the budget reconciliation process to pass the healthcare bill. Senators have been meeting in small groups and discussing possible amendments. The Affordable Care Act, which remains in place, does not permit this. "So, it's a fair fight", Colbert said Wednesday.

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