Watch Sean Spicer and Donald Trump 'kiss' in new SNL sketch

Nick Sanchez
May 15, 2017

After teasing NY drivers with her Sean Spicer costume and a ride on her motorized podium, Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live as a host and as her now-infamous version of the White House Press Secretary.

When the White House press corps asked if Sanders could be press secretary forever, Spicer blasted the room with a fire extinguisher before forcing Sanders off his podium. When a reporter pointed that he could see Spicer, who's in the US Navy Reserve, outside the window hiding in the bushes, Sanders responded, "I believe that's a naval exercise".

Moments later McCarthy took to the podium, pushing Sanders aside and screaming, "Spicey's back, Sarah is out!"

"Have you ever told me to say things that aren't true?"

"We don't have press conferences", Trump told Pirro. "And they're going to prove it with a certified letter, which you know is the truth, because it costs an extra $2 to have it certified".

After continued interrogation on Russian Federation and Comey, an exasperated Spicer told the press corp., "I am being straight with you".

"Let me put this whole Russian thing to bed", McCarthy's Spicer tells the group of comedy actors playing reporters.

When members of the press questioned whether Spicer's job is safe, McCarthy-as-Spicer headed off to NY to find reassurance from Trump himself-hence the pre-recorded segment on city streets.

That would have been a fitting end, but in the "SNL" tradition of more is not enough, the 8-minute skit continues until McCarthy finds Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump at a New Jersey golf course.

"Only since you started working here", Trump replies.

McCarthy's Spicer impersonation debuted on the show as an exaggeration of defensive anger at perceived fake media; here, that anger turns into self-reflection and existential fear, the kind you might imagine someone in such a high-pressure job would feel.

She then brought a set of Russian nesting dolls to illustrate the relationship between Trump and Comey, ultimately saying it was due to "Trump's good friend" Jeff Sessions, illustrated by Pikachu. Trump did not answer recent questions about whether or not Spicer's role is secure amid the rumors. Spicer asks Trump after locating him.

In fairness, McCarthy's depiction of Spicey as an over-the-top, buffoonish character has made me acutely aware of the concern some of my fellow progressives have about comedians' take on Trump.

"Wait, so did I get him?" It would have been interesting to see McCarthy-as-Spicer interact with real New Yorkers who might have been delighted to see her and also annoyed that she was gumming up their commute.

The opening sketch lobbed several zingers at Trump, including a risque reference to Trump's claim to have coined the phrase "priming the pump".

"Sean, come on, I would never do that", the president replied.

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