Melee combat game Absolver still looks intriguing

Nichole Vega
May 12, 2017

The melee-focused title will be available on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 29, 2017.

Absolver is the first game from developer Sloclap, an indie developer made up of developers who previously worked at Ubisoft Paris on games like Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs. Prospects will choose a combat style, each with their own special abilities, and assemble their own custom Combat Deck to create a personal fighting system in intense, real-time combat.

Kahlt Metho - Absorb hits without being stunned or pushed back, and regain lost health with every successful counter attack.

As you make your way through the fallen empire of Adal, you'll meet other players who you can fight. You can also choose to explore the game alone or with friends.

Forsaken - Balanced and powerful, prospects can parry enemy attacks and briefly stun opponents.

The trailer also provides details on the Combat Deck, which is an inventory of attacks players can use while fighting.

Combat is the star of the game in Absolver and that's why there's a new trailer giving an overview at each unique fighting method and the abilities they serve.

It's quite similar to the different positions you could take in Bushido Blade where relative to the opponent's weapon and stance would determine how your strike would land, and how effective you could be in countering, blocking or evading their attack. Players can choose to learn new techniques from trainers or stick with a technique they like and hone it, unlocking new abilities with each round of practice. It's a hand-to-hand fighting game where players collect moves over time, and then string them together to create personalized fighting styles.

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