Browns get it when it comes to community service

Nick Sanchez
May 14, 2017

"I kind of laughed a little bit", Garrett said.

If Myles Garrett defends opponents on the football field as well as head of football operations Sashi Brown defends Garrett off the field, the Browns will be pleased with their No. 1 overall draft pick.

No doubt, however, the additions of Garrett and Peppers are significant ones that will add to some of the young talent that is already on the roster for Cleveland, including nose tackle Danny Shelton, defensive ends Xavier Cooper and Carl Nassib, and outside linebackers Emmanuel Ogbah and Nate Orchard. "We felt just simply the better option for our team because we didn't have a great pass rush, either, we would get Myles".

It's only rookie minicamp and Garrett still has yet to go against future Hall-of-Famer Joe Thomas, but it's at least encouraging to see the team's top pick show some signs of what he could do.

"I'm not scared of them", Jackson said. Is Garrett fast or slow? The Browns new defensive end recorded three tackles, a sack, one tackle for a loss, and two quarterback hurries in the overtime win, but the Buffalo Bills legend saw plenty for Garrett to work on. "It's easy in this world to judge based on the headlines, and I think increasingly we're finding and Donald Trump's finding this out, how hard it is to survive in a public job and that's what being the No. 1 draft pick is for about three or four months and now he's going to understand it's a longer-term deal that he asked for and he wants it".

"I have high expectations for myself", Garrett said. I think he gets that. He did say he'd take him down. "If he thinks so and I want to be at his level one day I got to take his advice and run with it". I'm just going to be respectful. "Just make sure that I speak lightly and carry a big stick".

Williams told the two that he "wanted two players out of this draft, and you are my guys". In his defense, he said Thomas wasn't wearing a name tag and said being here's going to be a lot of fun. And that's what we're going to do. We are not just going to hand him anything.

"Now", he continued, "if you would like to avoid getting off to a very bad start with me, we need to make some things clear".

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