Apple in talks to expand India production capacity: minister

Lena Tucker
May 24, 2017

India's IT/ITeS sector employs about 3.9 million people, but is now facing headwinds in the form of rising automation posing a threat to routine jobs, apart from its main market - the U.S. - tightening norms that could hit the industry's approximately 60 percent revenues. "India IT companies now serve two thirds of the fortune 500 companies and have created 40-lakh direct jobs in India".

Nasscom recently said most layoffs were linked to performance, impacting only 0.5 - 3% of the total IT workforce.

The minister said the IT Ministry has taken note of projections by software industry organisation Nasscom to present an objective and realistic potential of the employment scenario.

Reeling off figures of jobs created in the past three years and about the future outlook, he said in the financial year of 2017, the industry added 1.70 lakh new jobs and claimed that 2.50-3 million new jobs would be created by 2025.

In a statement, his ministry said that contrary to shrinking job opportunities in the sector as portrayed by the media, the sector added 1.7 lakh employees during 2016-17 and six lakh in the past three years.

IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says 20-25 lakh jobs will be created in IT sector in 4-5 years
Apple in talks to expand India production capacity: minister

Highlighting the survey of staffing firm TeamLease, Prasad said IT sector hiring sentiment is positive and is up by 4% in October 2016 to March 2017.

Despite rough weather e-commerce and technology startup sector hiring sentiments has increased by 2%, with projected 14.94% job growth, he said of the Teamlease report.

The Indian technology start-up sector will offer strong and growing employment prospects to Indian IT professionals. "We have common service centres in about 2.5 lakh cities and nearly 10 lakh people are employed there", he added.

The IT ministry has come up with India BPO promotion scheme with an aim to provide employment to 1.45 lakh persons, mostly in the small towns. While the company appointed Wistron as one of its manufacturing and assembling partners, the Indian government didn't give it a green flag.

"India does not want to become a "dumping ground" for used iPhones, which may major cause environmental problems, it has rejected Apple's proposal to manufacture refurbished iPhones in India", ICTflash quoted sources.

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