American Airlines sued for seating man next to 'obese' passengers

Randall Padilla
May 7, 2017

He further alleged the incident caused him lower and upper back injuries as well as bruising to his neck, and could result in permanent damage, according to the news site.

The body of the passenger next to Mr Taylor "spilt over and encroached" into his seat, forcing him to "contort his body into a series of positions including standing up, crouching, keeling and leaning forward".

Taylor was in the window seat on the December 2015 flight but shared the row with two overweight passengers, described in court documents as "grossly obese".

There are plenty of reasons to complain about the state of the current airline industry: flight delays, lost luggage, dead bunnies, a single "gluten-free" banana for breakfast, being violently dragged from the seat you paid for to make room for a flight crew, having Bill O'Reilly laugh at you for being violently dragged from the seat you paid for to make room for a flight crew.

"The airline could have put me in a crew seat or moved people around but they did nothing". Thomas Jensen, Taylor's lawyer, said his client constantly asked the flight crew if he could change seats but they refused to let him; nor did they suggest any alternatives.

The suit comes after the desperate man had pleaded with airlines attendants (haven't we all at some point of our flying careers...) to be moved to a different seat only to be refused.

An Australian man is suing an airline for more than $100,000 after claiming he was crushed by a "grossly obese" passenger.

There has been a growing concern on how airlines cram their passengers into restricted seats in order to save on space.

This week, American Airlines announced the legroom - or seat pitch - in economy on its new Boeing Max jetliners would shrink by up to five centimetres on three rows, allowing for 172 extra seats. However, he did take offence with the cabin crew because "they did nothing".

"If Michael is successful, there will likely be many more lawsuits around the world concerning this issue".

In a statement to the NY Post, the airline said, "We just received the lawsuit and we are reviewing the allegations".

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